Adventures of MapleFest

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, let me state nice and clear……I love FOOD. I love yummy, gooey home baked things, in addition to, earthy delicious home grown things that give my taste buds a ride of their lives! *insert happy food dance*

This means that I seek new recipes, new restaurants, new cultures and of course new farms!  Previously I mentioned I was going to MapleFest at Willowtree Farm in Port Perry and I had the pleasure of taking my godson with me.  He likes learning, he likes hanging out and more importantly I like hanging out with him! ….He’s hilarious like a little Kevin Hart, just without all the cussing! 😉

So, happily I picked him up and headed eastbound to learn more about maple syrup and the sugar bush it comes from.  After buying our tickets in the market and taking the next wagon ride out to the sugar bush, we headed straight to the marshmallows for some ‘yummy-gooey’ roasting pleasure.  It was fun to share my “expertise” on how to get a nice golden brown marshmallow even though he was more concerned about burning it to a crisp and yelling “…Meteor!!!!” lol….I mean honestly…..

My friend Casey is a Tour Guide at Willowtree Farm and I thank her for giving us a smaller tour and adding a few special visits in our farm experience.  I pre warned her about Little Man Tate and his ability to ask lots of questions, while still acting like he knows everything and within 5 minutes he didn’t disappoint lol.  His hand was up asking about trees that had been struck by lightening, where the sap came from and how long does it take to fill a bucket? Casey taught us about ideal temperatures for sap to flow, the W pattern in which to drill holes in the tree and the time it takes for the tree to heal over each hole.  Sooooo good!

Up next the evaporator…..this is found inside the sugar shack where the sap is boiled over a wood fire, evaporated and turned into maple syrup.  I missed more of the specific learning, because at this point, I was holding Mr Hart’s little backpack so he could climb up and have a closer look at the boiling sap….  I’m pretty sure I did a curtsy when he came back but I’ll wait for the video footage to confirm 😉

the evaporator

We tasted sap (pre boil) and it tasted like weak sugar water, but then we tasted the amber syrup (post boil) and it was smiles all around.

This experience is seriously one any kid will remember and enjoy – I’m super glad I worked with his busy schedule (remember ….it’s little Kevin Hart #cantstopwontstop)  and brought him out to experience MapleFest.  Today was the last day at Willowtree Farm for MapleFest but up next is: Easter Egg-Stravaganza March 30 – April 2.  If it’s anything like our MapleFest adventure you definitely want to give it a try!

Check them out at

Last Note: Our special ‘VIP tour’ took us to see the animals and a fan favourite was the Donkey and a little less favourite was the very tall Llama who had a keen interest in Mr Hart’s backpack….I actually have video of him distinctly saying “protect me” and THAT was my favourite moment of the day! lol (*literal tears….lol*)

Get outside friends and enjoy the adventures of the farm.  It takes 35-45 minutes to get downtown in most major cities and that is about the same time it can take to enjoy a leisure drive through the country to your closest community farm! Farmers Feed Cities so go meet them and let me know how it goes!!

As for K Hart….I let him pick the maple syrup of his choice from the market and take it home with his wood branded tree biscuit!  I think I scored a few extra points, so grab your little’s and I’ll see you out there!

~ Dionne ~

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  1. It sounds so ignorant but I had honestly never even thought about where maple syrup comes from! This was fun to read AND informative!

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