Make a Joyful Noise! The Top Ten

Recently I asked everyone “What brings you joy?” and boy did  I get some amazing responses! The goal I have for Restoration Farms is to help people restore their love for Self, Nature and Farm Fresh Foods.  To reconnect with passions, healthy foods and shining a new light on both urban and rural Farming.

Some of the responses were: spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, painting and one of my favourite answers –  “porch life”!  I loved that response because if there’s one thing I love, it’s sitting on the porch with my feet up, enjoying a warm breeze and the light noise of nature and life surrounding me. Spring is coming friends and I’m here for all of it!

Top Ten Things that bring me JOY


Edible Gardens …Of Course!

I wasn’t always into gardening but as soon as I paused my crazy life and allowed myself to explore new things……voila! my love for sticking my hands in the dirt was realized. There’s something very satisfying about nurturing produce from seed to harvest and then harvest to meal.  The connection I have to my food now is exciting.


Cooking + Baking

I went to culinary school way back in the day but dropped the course because I didn’t like being in the kitchen at 6am!  Once I realized that I can cook, bake and/or make food products in the daytime, at my own pace….it turned out to be a lot of fun! (who knew?!)  Recently I’ve made Red Pepper Jelly, Vegan Brownies and literally made Milk Chocolate from scratch just yesterday!

Inspiring Keynote Speakers + Personal Development

For many years I didn’t think I was anything special.  I just drifted through life year after year being the “funny one who had a good time” but not really taking notice if i was happy – like joyful happy.  Somewhere around 2010, I started paying attention to personal development and opening my mind to dreaming bigger dreams and living a life of abundance.  Learning to ‘Be more, Give more and See more’ has now become a source of great joy!


Natural Landscapes

I have always gravitated to the open fields of nature.  Growing up in the heart of North York, Ontario I’ve been classified a “city girl” but the truth is I lived off the back of a ravine and public park where I spent all my days growing up.  When my  friends and I jumped on our bicycles we always ended up in the river after riding through the forest.  If I had to choose between the concrete jungle and the hills of the ravine, it was the ravine that won every time.

hiking outdoors


This may come as a shock to some but over the last few years I’ve realized that some animals have a kindred spirit and I’m excited to see the personalities of various animals.  Owls have a quiet wisdom and protective being.  Eagles soar above the earth with strength and no apology.  Elephants are so large, yet so gentle and kind. My ultimate favourites are Miniature Horses and Pugs.  They are both loyal, protective and I’m convinced sing songs like the animals in Cinderella! …I mean, how cute are these guys? 🙂


Michael and Channing.

No words needed. Just make a joyful noise! #yourwelcome



I produce events, attend events, judge events and study events.  It’s always been my thing and no matter how stressful it can be sometimes, I always come back to creating experiences for other people to enjoy.  I’m now embarking on creating food events, and nature experiences as I aim to restore people’s love for the outdoors and farm fresh foods. I’m attending an event this weekend at Willowtree Farms for Maplefest.  If you’ve never been out to Port Perry the event is on this weekend and next – March 24 + 25. Google them!



Educating + Building Greenhouse designs

As co-project manager of a community project called Grassroots: Field to Future, I never knew how much joy I would experience running workshops and educating students on designing a greenhouse and an outdoor learning centre including raised beds and pollinator gardens. Presenting the project last week in a Regional Competition was also more fun than I’d originally suspected!


Venues + Cozy Hideaways

I love sneaking away from the everyday and staying up at a cottage or cabin while listening to my inner Dionne. A Muskoka chair is truly one of the best inventions and finding amazing designs in outdoor venues is so yummy! As a Caribbean Canadian who’s heritage is from Trinidad, Kes the Band is one of my favourite bands and this pic of him in a cozy hideaway are 2 of my favourite things in one!


kes the band

Friends + Family

A classic entry on most people’s Joyful lists are Friends and Family!  I come from a Sibling Trio who are so different, yet so similar to each other it’s comforting.  It’s true that the only people who know you, before you truly know yourself, are your siblings!  Close second are friends who’ve been around for a long time sharing similar interests – birds of a feather right?



So that’s the end of my joyful list!

Hopefully it inspired you to think about your own top ten! What brings you joy?

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– Dionne







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  1. shopwithleslie says:

    This was a great read at the start of my day. I will come back to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not too many things bring me joy. I need re-evaluate my life and find out why.


    1. I remember feeling that…. I looked at what I enjoyed as a child to get clues. What did I like BEFORE life hit and people’s opinions got loud….. good luck friend!! 💕


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